221 Read a novel in 80 minutes? There’s an app for that

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If you’ve always wanted to read War and Peace, but thought you’d need to be some sort of superhero speedreader to make it through Tolstoy’s lengthy tome, then a new app might offer you a sense of hope.

After working for three years in self-described “stealth mode,” U.S. technology start-up Spritz is ready to go public with its speedreading app ? also named Spritz ? which will be released for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and the Gear 2 watch.

The app poses all sorts of questions: Would a reader really be able to take in all the meaning when content is flying by at up to 1,000 words per minute? Would your eyes go buggy?

I ? Word Understanding
Tome ? a large, thick book
Stealth mode ? a state wherein activities are kept secret
Buggy ? bulging

II ? Have Your Say
1. Benefits of reading:
? Stimulates the brain
? Knowledge and vocabulary
? Improves memory and analytical skills
? Stress reduction
2. How to learn speed reading? Here are some tips:
? Time your current reading speed.
? Get rid of distractions.
? Train yourself not to reread.
? Stop reading to yourself.
? Read with your hand.

221 Read a novel in 80 minutes? There’s an app for that

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