236 Honda launches energy-efficient ‘Smart Home’ concept

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Honda has launched the Honda Smart Home US, a sustainable housing project exploring the concept of zero net energy living and transportation.

Situated on the University of California, Davis campus, the self-sufficient home produces more renewable energy than it consumes and is three times more water-efficient than the typical US residence.

The home will function as a ‘living laboratory’, where the company, along with researchers from UC Davis and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), will evaluate new technologies relating to housing, transportation, energy and the environment.

I ? Word Understanding
sustainable ? do not completely use up or destroy natural resources
self-sufficient ? able to function with support from others

II ? Have Your Say
1. Houses and cars are two of the primary sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Top energy consumption at home includes:
– heating and cooling
– computers and electronics
– refrigeration
– lighting
2. Save money by saving energy at home:
– efficient heating and cooling system
– turn things off when not in use
– use energy efficient appliances
– drive sensibly
– conserve water

236 Honda launches energy-efficient ‘Smart Home’ concept

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