238 Now You See Me: How To See Without Glasses

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Coke bottle eyeglasses and delicate contact lenses both accomplish the same task: They help you see. But what if you misplace your precious eyewear? Fortunately, all hope is not lost. The lens of your eye may not work like it used to, but physics is here to stay.

The short of it is that forming a tiny circle with your fingers, and looking through it, will bring any object into focus. The longer explanation, however, requires some understanding of how vision works. And for that, the lesson begins with the lens.

I ? Word Understanding
coke bottle eyeglasses ? eyeglasses with very thick lenses
the short of it ? the summary

II ? Have Your Say
1. Eyeglasses vs. Contact Lenses
Contact lenses are safe and very convenient but deprives your eyes
oxygen which is essential in keeping them healthy. Eyeglasses protect the eyes from dirt while allowing enough oxygen, but are inconvenient most of the times.
2. Are you ruining your eyes?
? not wearing sunglasses
? being careless with contact lenses
? staring too long at a screen
? smoking
? wearing old make-up and sleeping in it

238 Now You See Me: How To See Without Glasses

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