268 Sony invests in image sensor production amid ‘selfie’ boom

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Logo of Sony Corp is pictured at an electronic store in Tokyo

Sony Corp said on Thursday it would invest 35 billion yen ($345 million) to increase production of image sensors for smartphones and tablets, as the company courts handset makers to get more orders for front-facing camera sensors, used to take selfies.

The Japanese firm said it will increase production of stacked CMOS sensors at two factories on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, while completing work on a factory in northwestern Japan it bought from Renesas Electronics Corp for a total investment of 35 billion yen.

Sony told Reuters in March that it was looking to supply more sensors for front-facing cameras as smartphone makers were looking to improve their quality in response to consumers taking more ‘selfies’, or self-portraits, as well as video calls.

I – Word Understanding
courts – to give a lot of attention to get support or approval
selfie – self-portrait; taking one’s own photograph

II – Have Your Say
1. Aside from image sensors, Sony is also giving a shot on other products:
– playstation network
– medical devices and diagnostic testing
2 . Why do we need a front camera?
– video calling
– kids love to see themselves
– shopping tool
– taking selfies
3. Selfies are those pictures you take of yourself with, most likely, your camera phone. they generate a surprisingly strong reaction of either love ‘em or hate ‘em responses. Here are some of the most hated selfies:
– Bikini selfie
– Post-gym selfie
– Pre-food selfie

268 Sony invests in image sensor production amid ‘selfie’ boom

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