275 Robots to up-end the world of work, for good and bad

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WASHINGTON: Robots and artificially intelligent devices will take over many jobs now done by people, and experts are divided as to whether their spread will do human society more good than harm.

The Pew Research Centre said experts see a growing role for self-driving cars, delivery drones, robotic workers, smartphone-based assistants and even algorithmic journalism by 2025.

But they are divided on whether these technological advances will be helpful, with 48% of respondents to Pew’s survey saying they will destroy jobs and increase income inequality.

Nevertheless, a slim majority said the technology will take over undesirable tasks and generate new kinds of human employment.

I – Word Understanding
divided – have different opinions / disagree
algorithmic journalism – involves computer-generated news stories

II – Have Your Say
1. 5 pressing issues concerning robotics (myths / facts):
*Robots are intended to eliminate jobs (myth)
* Manufacturing and logistics must adopt robots to survive (fact)
* Autonomous robots are still too slow (fact)
* Robots are too expensive (myth)
* Robots are difficult to use (fact)

275 Robots to up-end the world of work, for good and bad

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