278 The Ice Bucket Challenge: How did it all start and what is it in aid of?

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It is the spine-tingling and teeth-chattering challenge that has swept the world and raised millions for good causes.

The choice is very simple. You either stand or sit there while some very kind and willing assistants pour a big container of ice water over your head, or you make a donation to an ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) charity.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is the term used in the United States to describe Motor Neurone Disease (MND), which affects a person’s ability to move voluntarily. While the person continues to think and feel, they are often unable to walk, eat or talk, leaving them effectively ‘locked in’ to their body.

It is estimated about 5,000 people in the United Kingdom suffer from MND and half of those diagnosed will die within the first 14 months of knowing they have it. There is no known cure at present.

I – Word Understanding
spine-tingling – very exciting / frightening in a way that you enjoy
teeth-chattering – very cold

II – Have Your Say
1. ALS Bucket Challenge was launched in Japan on August 18. Two weeks later, it has raised 27 million yen in donations. However, it has also encountered some criticisms:
– people were forced to take part in the challenge
– “nominate 2 other friends” is similar to “chain mail” and may lead to bullying
– celebrities use it for publicity
2. This year online fundraising is rapidly rising, especially on mobile devices.
Here are some ot the facts:
– Online giving grew 13.5% in 2013.
– For every 1,000 fundraising emails sent a nonprofit raises $17.
– 64% of Millennials prefer to fundraise through walk/run/cycling events.
– 64% of donations are made by women

278 The Ice Bucket Challenge: How did it all start and what is it in aid of?

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