284 Tech giants bet on ‘smart home’ revolution

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The futuristic vision of wireless domestic bliss that puts people and their smartphones or tablets at the centre of an “Internet of Things” is a key theme at this year’s IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin.

Industry titans such as Google, Samsung and Apple have been battling for an early lead in the race to create the Internet-connected household, a market they expect to grow into the next multi-billion-dollar tech revolution.

The smart home is heading “towards a mass-market reality”, said Lisa Arrowsmith of market research firm IHS.

The new driving force, she said, is “the rise of the smartphone and its role as a common user interface to allow remote and in-home control of devices such as thermostats, smart plugs or security systems”

I – Word Understanding
bliss – happiness
titans – large and powerful

II – Have Your Say
1. How do you envision the “house of the future”? Here are some:
* Samsung – hologram chef and digital sports coach
* Google – sophisticated energy saving thermostats, fire alarm and security system
* Microsoft – Kinect system using xbox console to sense movement and speech
2. The latest mobility revolution using tablets and phones is thought to have reshaped our society.
How so?
* communication / constant connection
* marketing / advertising

284 Tech giants bet on ‘smart home’ revolution

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