295 3 Amazing Mind Tricks That Will Help You Remember Small Details

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It’s all in your head. No, really—your capacity to remember the name of a new investment company, which products are going to present the fiercest competition for your startup, and how to find that bistro downtown where you are meeting a new employee is part of the untapped potential in your brain. Let’s dispense with the old “non-truism” that we have only tapped 10% of the capacity in our brains. Cognitive scientists doubt that’s true.

What is true, though, is this. You can teach yourself to remember details about your day and recall that information when you need it most. Like, say, when you are about to present the case for why someone should invest in your company or that the new employee in your company is named Greg. I’ve used these tricks before, especially during business conferences when I can’t jot down a reminder or record a memo on my phone.

I – Word Understanding
bistro – a small restaurant or bar
untapped – available but not used
cognitive – conscious mental activity (learning, understanding, remembering, etc)

II – Have Your Say
a) How do you remember names and other information? Here are some tricks:
1. Say the information out loud five or six times
2. Associate the information with one other thing.
3. Create a list of items with the thing you want to remember on the list
b) Do you have a hard time remembering people’s names? What makes a name interesting and easy to remember?

296 3 Amazing Mind Tricks That Will Help You Remember Small Details

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