001 Meteor fell down in Russia

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People could see a unique view of a meteor coming to Earth and a bright yellow light in the sky as the meteor exploded over Russia. People say they saw a bright yellow object falling and heard a powerful explosion.

There was damage in the Russian region of the Urals from the following meteorite shower. Some reports say hundreds of people have been injured. Many of the injuries were from flying glass from broken windows.

Interesting words: meteor (rock which travels through space), damage (destroyed things), meteorite (rock from space which landed on Earth).

I – Word Understanding
Asteroids – small bodies in the outer space that orbit the sun like Earth
meteor – an asteroid that has entered the Earth’s atmosphere
meteorite – meteor that hits the surface of Earth
shock wave – strong pressure caused by explosion
collapsed – failed or stopped working
overwhelme – overpowered; unable to deal with

II – Have your say
1.A nationalist leader in Russia said “It’s not meteors falling. It’s the test of a new weapon by the Americans,”
2.Have you seen the Bruce Willis blockbuster movie Armageddon? It’s one of the best known strategies for dealing with incoming asteroids.
3.They say, about 65 million years ago, dinosaurs were killed by an object some 10-15 km wide that hit the earth, believed to be asteroid.

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