313 The Top 10 Google Searches of 2014

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Nobody broke the internet in 2014, but the heartbreaking death of comic genius Robin Williams may have come close, as more people searched the late comedian’s name on Google than anything else this year.

Google’s list of the top search trends for 2014 reveals how much tragic events like the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the Ebola epidemic were on the minds of the world’s population this year. It also underscores the rapidly growing influence of mobile technology, as the 2013 mobile game Flappy Bird claimed a spot in the top 10.

I – Word Understanding
trends – something that is currently popular
underscores – to emphasize or show the importance of something

II – Have Your Say
Let’s talk about what you know about Google’s Top Trending Searches in 2014:
1.Robin Williams
2. World Cup
3. Ebola
4. Malaysian Airlines
5. Flappy Bird
6. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
8. Ferguson
9. Frozen
10. Ukraine

313 The Top 10 Google Searches of 2014

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