317 AI, eel production and cancer prevention drugs in the cards

Speech Materals


Japan expects to make commercially available the mass production of Japanese eels, an endangered species in the country, by 2025 and a cancer preventative medicine by 2030, a draft survey by the government predicts.

The National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, a research body affiliated with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, has drafted its science and technology foresight survey that predicts Japan’s technological advances by 2050.

The survey is based on analysis by about 4,000 experts, forecasting when 932 technologies and services will be made available in Japan. It is the first time the ministry has compiled such detailed survey results since 2010. It plans to release the final report by the end of March next year.

I – Word Understanding
draft – a preliminary version (not yet final)
foresight – a view of what might happen in the future

II – Have Your Say
Which future technology in Japan are you most excited?
1. a system designed for proposing suitable diet based on medical data
2. a drug for lifestyle diseases
3. cancer medicine / treatment
4. disaster preparedness
5. electricity from typhoon wind
6. AI to replace language school instructors
7. Omotenashi robots

317 AI, eel production and cancer prevention drugs in the cards

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