321 America’s 9 biggest health issues

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After an incredibly busy 2014, during which health stories like Ebola, new food nutrition label rules, and the debate about the right to die sparked by Brittany Maynard dominated the headlines, it’s now worth looking at what we may be covering in the next 12 months.

I – Word Understanding
sparked – caused (by)
covering – coping; have to deal with

II – Have Your Say
The nine big health stories to watch for:
1. Doctor shortage
2. Hospital errors and infections
3. Antibiotic resistance
4. More to-do-it-yourself healthcare: apps and technologies
5. Food deserts (areas where it is difficult to buy affordable or good quality fresh food)
6. Caregivers for the aging population
7. The cost of Alzheimer’s
8. Marijuana
9. Missing work-life-balance

321 America’s 9 biggest health issues

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