325 Look-ahead 2015: Fly into the future and other predictions

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One of the trends to watch out for in 2015 is that your smartphone will get smarter – possibly so smart that it’s almost spooky, in fact.

Already, phones are getting better at predicting what information you might need, or what actions you might want it to perform.

When you’re wandering around an unfamiliar city, for example, your phone might suggest nearby attractions; if traffic is bad, it might pop up an alert telling you to leave early for a dinner date; if you’re late for a meeting it might offer to send a message to the other attendees.

This is called anticipatory computing or predictive intelligence. The best-known example is Google Now, but Apple, Microsoft and a host of start-ups are working on it too.

I – Word Understanding
spooky – weird in a way that causes fear or unease
anticipatory – happening in expectation of something

II – Have Your Say
Do you have expectations this year? Here are what some experts predict for 2015:

1. Drones will be utilized for aerial observations and inspections as well as for search and rescue.
2. Online shopping: Cross-border logistics, as consumers are more confident and image-led innovations (inspired by instagram, pinterest, facebook, etc)
3. Internet security will become absolutely critical.
4. Customer service via video will become popular.
5. Data storage dilemma: By the end of 2015, we will be close to producing more data than we can store

325 Look-ahead 2015: Fly into the future and other predictions

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