331 Gov’t releases guidelines for moral education

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The Education Ministry has released guidelines to make moral education a special subject in schools by fiscal 2018. Education Minister Hakubun Shimomura says the goal of the guidelines is to encourage students to think impartially, as well as prevent bullying and juvenile crimes.

The guidelines were drawn up by a ministry panel set up last year to revise the teaching manual to include moral education as a “special subject” for elementary and junior high school students, TBS reported. The panel advocates revising textbooks to include ethics in the curricula.

I – Word Understanding
panel – a small group of people working together on a specific matter
curricula – (plural of curriculum) courses taught by an education institution

II – Have Your Say
According to the guidelines, elementary school students from first to fifth grades will be taught:
– the importance of life
– to listen to others with different opinions
– to be fair
– to respect their country
– to learn about foreign cultures

2. In the past, plans to introduce moral education into school curricula have met with opposition from some teachers and parents concerned that it would impose certain values on children.
3. The panel says youth problems are becoming increasingly complex due to expanding income gaps in society.

331 Gov’t releases guidelines for moral education

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