335 Star Trek technology that we use today

Speech Materals


Without Star Trek we may not have ever been able to make phone calls whenever and wherever we please.

Cell phones are a direct descendant of the communicators found on the show.

In fact, Martin Cooper has said that it was Captain Kirk’s gold flip communicator that inspired him to create the first ever mobile phone.

I – Word Understanding
descendant – successor
Martin Cooper – mobile inventor, Motorola engineer

II – Have Your Say
Are these Star Trek inspired inventions useful to you?
Start Trek gadgets – Real life invention

1. automatic door – automatic door
2. universal translator – google translator / skype translator
3. viewscreen – video call
4. transparent aluminum – ALON
5. hypospray – jet injector
6. crew locator – GPS
7. speaking to a computer – Siri; Cortana(microsoft), Google Now
8. space travel – Virgin Galactic

335 Star Trek technology that we use today

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