340 Audi just created a new diesel made of water and carbon dioxide

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Sprit der Zukunft: Forschungsanlage in Dresden produziert erste Menge Audi e-diesel

While a future of electric charging stations dotting our highways inches closer to reality, Audi believes it may have created the “fuel of the future.”

Audi announced that the first batch of what it calls, “e-diesel” was manufactured in energy partner Sunfire’s Dresden, Germany, facility. Water and carbon dioxide (CO2) are the only materials needed for producing the fuel, which was created after a commissioning phase of four months at the Dresden plant. Through several steps of high-temperature and pressurized electrolysis and synthesizing, powered by renewable energy sources such as wind power, water and CO2 create what Audi and Sunfire call “blue crude.” This blue crude is then refined into Audi’s e-diesel.

I – Word Understanding
inches – moves or progresses slowly
electrolysis – separating a liquid into its different chemical parts
synthesizing – combining

II – Have Your Say
What’s the fuel of the future going to be?
1. Electricity – beyond electric cars, Tesla revealed a battery to power homes and cars by harnessing solar energy and storing energy in it.
2. Diesel – Ram & GMC achieved outstanding high mileage with their diesel pickup trucks
3. Hydrogen – considered the frontrunner for future fuel but refuelling methods are doubted.
4. Gasoline – remains an option thanks to hybrid cars

340 Audi just created a new diesel made of water and carbon dioxide

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