342 Chef Jamie Oliver urges compulsory food lessons worldwide

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Aboard an open-top London bus circling Britain’s parliament, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is educating children about healthy eating, and revealing plans to take his campaign to the home of the gourmets.

“The most dangerous thing for our communities is when children don’t know what a potato is, or a tomato, and that exists all over Europe,” he explained on board the red battle bus.

His audience of schoolchildren, some dressed as onions and bananas, lapped up the message and vocally backed the chef’s petition calling on all G20 countries to make food education compulsory, chanting “sign it, share it!”

I – Word Understanding
lap up – to respond enthusiastically
petition – a formal request to do or change something
chant – to say (or sing) a word or phrase many times

II – Have Your Say
A. Is food education taught in your current educational system?

B. In an attempt to feed more people in an easier and more productive way, food has become “food products” full of chemicals, not real food and therefore shortening human lifespan. How is the current industrial food system impacting our health?
1. additives – added to processed food to preserve or enhance flavor and appearance
2. food safety – quantity being valued over quality weakens food safety
3. GE / GMO – 70% of processed foods in America contain GMO ingredients
5. hormones– injected to cattle to make them grow faster
5. pesticides – used to eliminate or control agricultural pests

342 Chef Jamie Oliver urges compulsory food lessons worldwide

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