345 The Highest-Paying Jobs Of The Future Will Eat Your Life

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For a glimpse of the future of work, especially the high-paying kind, look at finance and high-tech companies. Some of the biggest offer high employee salaries combined with lavish perks like free meals at work, luxury shuttle buses for commuters, and extras such as dry cleaning picked up and dropped off at people’s desks. This might look like the fruits of corporate beneficence. In fact, alongside email and other digital technologies, perks like these aim to maximize efficiency and working time, enabling employees to work as many hours as possible without needing to take time off to travel outside for food or errands. While this approach is currently seen as an anomaly, long-term economic trends will force other companies to adopt a similar model—a future of high pay combined with high hours of work.

I – Word Understanding
beneficence – a state of giving benefits
anomaly – unusual

II – Have Your Say
A.Why long hours?
If a company were to combine two jobs and get one person to work 80 hours, they have to pay the person a much higher salary but can save on:
* cost of benefits (insurance, bonuses, etc)
* space rental
* trainings

B. Why high pay?
Pay is the bribe that companies use to keep workers motivated and showing up day-in and day-out. As the world becomes more specialized, companies that need that specialized labor will keep raising that bribe to keep workers on board.

C.With this trend toward long hours and higher pay, what will be the impact on people?

345 The Highest-Paying Jobs Of The Future Will Eat Your Life

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