351 The Web is getting slower

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It’s not you. Web pages really are loading slower.

The average site is now 2.1 MB in size — two times larger than the average site from three years ago, according to data tracked by HTTP Archive.

There are a few reasons for this added weight.

Websites are adding more attention-attracting videos, images, interactivity plug-ins (comments and feeds) and other code and script-heavy features that clog up broadband pipes and wireless spectrum.

Sites also have ramped up their usage of tracking and analysis tools to learn more about their visitors. Inserting third-party data trackers not only increases a website’s weight, but also the number of separate data fetching tasks, which leads to slower load times as well.

I – Word Understanding
clog up – to become filled that movement or activity is difficult
ramped up – increased

II – Have Your Say
1. What factors do you consider important in your web browsing experience?
– speed
– contents
– presentation (fonts, color, videos and photos)
– ads
2. Who would you blame if the website you’re opening is loading slowly, improperly or inconsistently?
3. Have you ever heard of net neutrality? It’s like equal opportunity for Internet speeds and access to websites: no unfair fast or slow lanes, and no blocking of anything that’s legal on your phone, computer or tablet.

351 The Web is getting slower

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