360 These Are the 10 Best Cities to Visit Around the World

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For globetrotting travelers, it’s easy to recognize a spectacular city. They are energetic, diverse destinations intent on preserving local heritage, revitalizing undervalued neighborhoods, and they possess distinct personalities that set them apart from other metropolises.

Whether it’s the city you’ve called home for years or one you only just stumbled upon during your travels, you know that the best cities are intriguing cultural centers that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

I – Word Understanding
globetrotting – frequently travelling to different places around the world
replicated – copied

II – Have Your Say
1. Which city that you have visited is your favorite?
2. Which city do you dream to visit someday?
3. These are the most dynamic, beloved cities across the globe, what would you want to see/experience in these cities?
1. Kyoto, Japan
2. Charleston, South Carolina
3. Siem Reap, Cambodia
4. Florence, Italy
5. Rome, Italy
6. Bangkok, Thailand
7. Krakow, Poland
8. Barcelona, Spain
9. Capetown, South Africa
10. Jerusalem, Israel

360 These Are the 10 Best Cities to Visit Around the World

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