364 New Japanese beer claims to have anti-aging properties

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When Spanish explorer Ponce de León went looking for the Fountain of Youth, he probably didn’t expect it to contain 5 percent alcohol, let alone that it would eventually be found in Japan.

But according to claims made by the Japanese brewery Suntory, the Fountain of Youth can apparently be found in the form of beer, reports Popular Science. A new brew called “Precious” can make you younger and prettier with every sip, at least according to advertisements. And they don’t mean because of beer goggles.

The beer contains collagen, a protein normally found in connective tissues that is believed by some to have anti-aging properties. The claims aren’t entirely unfounded. Collagen levels decrease as we age, and the reduction of this protein can cause wrinkles to form.

I – Word Understanding
beer goggles- a phenomenon in which one’s consumption of alcohol makes physically unattractive persons appear beautiful
unfounded – having no basis

II – Have Your Say
1. Why do a lot of people enjoy beer in spite of its bitter taste?
Beer is definitely not the most pleasant tasting beverage out there.
Yet there is a huge number of people that ‘Enjoy’ drinking beer.

What’s your anti-aging secret?
2. Here are 5 natural anti-aging secrets from around the world:
* China – face mask from green tea powder mixed into brewed white tea to fight wrinkles
* India – start the day off with a warm cup of ginger tea which is rich in antioxidants
* Mexico – sugar and lemon juice hand scrub. Hands are one of the first things that give away our age.
* Polynesia – noni juice is effective in softening the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles
* France – grape seed extract supplements boost antioxidants in your blood

364 New Japanese beer claims to have anti-aging properties

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