367 7 Skills You Need to Learn, Regardless of Your Profession

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Skills are a form of currency in the working world: The more skills you have, the more valuable you are as an employee. You’ll be more attractive to more potential employers, you’ll be able to make more money, and you’ll be able to do more once you land your ideal position. Unfortunately, many workers immediately zero in on niche skill sets that are only useful for their specific area of expertise–for example, a coder might learn techniques for dozens of programming languages. This is good, as it makes you a better fit for those specific positions, but there are some general skills that are far more important.

These seven skills serve as pillars for any individual in any position. Employers look for these as a foundation more important than any niche skill set, and employees with these skills almost always do better than their counterparts.

I – Word Understanding
zero in – to focus
niche – specialized

II – Have Your Say
1. What skills do you have that you consider integral to your success?

2. Some skills will serve you well regardless of what your goals are. Here are seven of them!
a. Effective Communication
b. Organization and Management
c. Negotiation
d. Critical Thinking
e. Teamwork and Delegation
f . Research and Analysis
g. Confidence

367 7 Skills You Need to Learn, Regardless of Your Profession

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