369 5 ways to stop negative thoughts

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Negativity can creep into our brains.

Whether it’s every once in a while or almost all the time, negative thoughts can barrel their way into our brains. It’s obviously not healthy if you let them fester, so it’s key to find a way to stop them.

I – Word Understanding
barrel – to move fast
fester – to become worse

II – Have Your Say
We all have negative thoughts, it’s human nature to spend time working through the reasons why something went wrong, in order to learn for the future.

How do you deal with negative thoughts when they invade your head? Here are 5 good ways to do so:
1. Talk about it.
2. Write about it.
3. Practice mindfulness.
4. Focus on the good.
5. Distract yourself.

369 5 ways to stop negative thoughts

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