384 6 ways Tokyo could become more foreigner-friendly in time for the 2020 Olympics

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Despite Japan’s relative safety, abundance of delicious food, fascinating culture, and friendly people, the country still lags behind as a tourist destination for foreign travellers. So the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are the perfect opportunity for Japan to show off its famed omotenashi hospitality to the droves of foreign visitors who’ll be pouring into Tokyo to spectate.
Here’s the following list contains suggestions for ways that Japan could accommodate foreign guests during the Tokyo Olympic Games, and is not intended to be a list of complaints about the way things are done in Japan.

I- Word Understanding

Lags– fall behind
Omotenashi– the spirit of selfless hospitality
Pouring– tip
Spectate-to watch something

II- Have your say
Here are the areas that needed improvement.
1. Should public smoking be ban?
While many other countries in the world have become increasingly health-conscious when it comes to cigarette smoking, smoking in public places is still rife in Japan.
2. What problems do late-running trains made?
Tokyo is a big place, though, and by and large its people rely on the train network to get them home at the end of the evening.
3. Should the government widen the access of free-wife?
4. Should the commercial establishment accept credit cards more often?
5. Should restaurants list allergens on menus?
6. Are there any other areas that needed improvement?

9 ways Tokyo could become more foreigner-friendly in time for the 2020 Olympics

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