396 8 Industries robots will completely transform by 2025

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Just as ATMs changed banking and computers took over the home and workplace, robots and artificial intelligence are going to transform a bunch of industries over the next decade.
By 2025, a machine may be putting together your driverless car in a factory with no human oversight. A robot maid could be cleaning up after you at home, and your financial advisor might be a computer investing for you automatically.
And with at least 90 countries operating unmanned aerial vehicles, the wars of the future may increasingly be fought with “drone” aircraft.
There’s plenty of disruption bound to happen across the world as drones and much-smarter-than-you AI take over. But we’re likely to see the biggest changes across eight industries in China, Japan, the US, and Korea — the countries currently investing the most in these technologies.

I     Word Understanding
Unmanned – computerized
Disruption – disturbance or problems that interrupt an event, activity, or process

II      Have your say
1. What are the advantages if these industries will be transformed by 2025?
• Automotive
• Financial
• Healthcare
• Manufacturing
• Agriculture
• Service
• Artificial intelligence
• Aerospace and defense

2. If you had a home robot, what would you want it to do?
Look at the following functions and features and talk about which ones you like.
The robot can talk. It has a vocabulary of 10,000 words.
It can recognize your face and say “good morning”.
It can tell you when you have e-mail and read it to you.
3. Do you think robots will become more intelligent than humans?

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