418 Take the Buckingham Palace virtual reality tour

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Thanks to Google, you can enjoy a 360-degree visit to this and other historic and natural landmarks.

In the future, the world’s great landmarks won’t just have official websites and Wikipedia pages, but virtual reality tours that offer you an immersive taste of the real thing. Thanks to Google’s new Expeditions Pioneer Program, we’re seeing first-hand just how game-changing this tech will be.

The initiative is first and foremost dedicated to education, with Google sending teams to schools around the world to distribute virtual reality kits and offer “expeditions” to places of interest. Instead of donning expensive VR headsets like the upcoming Oculus Rift, students use a simple Android phone and a cheap Google VR cardboard enclosure. A teacher then guides classes as large as 50 people using a tablet, highlighting points of interest throughout the virtual experience.

I – Word Understanding
Immersive – deeply involves someone’s senses and state of mind
First-hand – experiencing or seeing something in actual situation
Game-changing – having a big effect

II – Have Your Say

1. What places would like to see/visit on virtual reality?

2. Please cite some pros and cons of virtual reality.

3. How would VR change our lives? (tourism, education, shopping, entertainment. etc)

418 Take the Buckingham Palace virtual reality tour

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