434 9 Ways To Make Speaking In Public Less Of A Nightmare

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Talking is usually a breeze—so much so that it’s hard to go an hour without finding yourself yammering about something. Yet the prospect of doing it in front of an audience can mute even the chattiest of Cathys. But there’s no need to give yourself a panic attack before every presentation or toast that comes your way.

I – Word understanding
A breeze – easy
Yammering – to talk in an annoying way usually for a long time
The chattiest of Cathys – a person who loves to talk a lot

II- Have Your Say

1. Have you had any experience in public speaking? Please share you experience.
2. Here’s how to prevent that pesky stage fright:
1. Stay off you phone! It tends to close you body posture, which saps your self
2. Go pee. The last thing you need to worry about is holding it during your presentation.
3. Practice slow, rhythmic breathing beforehand to calm your nervous system and ground yourself.
4. Avoid foods like milk, which increases mucus, or coffee, which dries out your vocal cords and can leave you feeling jittery.
5. Be super-familiar with what you’re going to say, as well as your subject matter
6. Spend a few minutes visualizing any potential problems—getting tongue-tied, bombing, your dress tucked into your tights—and practice your ideal responses.
7. Look at the audience as a bunch of individuals who are on your side.
8. Learn to accept your anxiety rather than fighting it.
9. Be nice.

434 9 Ways To Make Speaking In Public Less Of A Nightmare

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