438 What a world with 5G will look like

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Your smartphone will have a faster connection, for sure. But that just scratches the surface of what 5G could be capable of.
Everyone in the wireless industry agrees that 5G is coming by the end of the decade. But what will it be used for? That’s still up in the air.

Nokia on Tuesday previewed a demonstration it plans to present at Mobile World Congress, detailing its vision for 5G.

Nokia’s 5G forecast includes some surprising capabilities: 5G will make cars safer to drive. It will make instant replay more instant. And doctors will be able to perform surgery using wirelessly controlled robots.

I – Word Understanding
Scratches the surface – deal with a very small part (only) of something
Up in the air – uncertain; result is still unknown

II – Have Your Say
1. Are you excited for 5G? What are your expectations?
2. Here are some of the possibilities in the world with 5G:
– speed of 1,000 times than average 4G that we have now
– video multicasting (internet tv, video conferencing, live streaming)
– with uninterrupted communication flow, driverless car will become a “safe” reality
– it allows networked robots to perform more complicated tasks
– virtual reality users “will be able to collaborate as if they are in the same physical location”

438 What a world with 5G will look like

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