442 How to become an expert conversationalist

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Conversation is becoming a lost art. We all know, from our own experiences, that young people today connect more on social media than in person.

They often admit they have trouble talking to people in person. But even those of us who didn’t grow up with social media now tend to email people more than we call them.

Many people say that it’s because, in an email, we can compose our thoughts first. That’s a valid argument, but we should be able to compose our thoughts while conversing, too.

I – Word Understanding
Thoughts – an idea or opinion
Lost art – lose of interest

II – Have Your Say

1. Starting a conversation So, how do you start a conversation with a stranger on the train, or a stranger at a business function?
2. The value of connections, why does it matter?
3. Do you think you’re a good conversationalist?
4. What are your tips to be a good conversationalist?

442 How to become an expert conversationalist

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