457 These are the 9 biggest risks facing the world

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2016 has been a challenging year for the world so far.
Governments worldwide are trying to solve the puzzle of slowing growth, financial markets are struggling
to find stability, and several major geopolitical crises are causing problems across the world.

I Word Understanding

Puzzle – cause to feel confused because they cannot understand or make sense of something
Slowing growth – adapted to or productive of slow movement
Stability – strength
Geopolitical crises – geographic and political factors relating to or influencing a nation or region that creates huge conflict.

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What are the biggest challenges facing humanity right now?

1. China experiencing a “hard landing”- If China’s economy slows substantially, so too will the global economy.
2. A new “cold war” sparked by Russia – Russia is currently involved in conflicts in both Ukraine and Syria.
3.An emerging market debt crisis – The EIU warns that volatility in currency markets could lead to a major debt crisis in the world’s emerging markets.
4.Fracturing of the European Union – Several factors, including the continuing debt crisis in the eurozone, stagnant economic growth, and arguments over the continent’s refugee crisis have all led to fears about the weakening of the European Union.
5.Greece leaving the euro, triggering a break-up of the eurozone – Greece would be forced to exit the euro as it struggled to repay loans owed to the IMF and ECB.
6.Donald Trump becoming President of the USA -The Economist Intelligence unit sees a Trump presidency as a massive risk to the world.
7.The rise of jihadi terrorism – The rise of Islamist terror group ISIS dominated headlines in the past year after its terrorist attack on Paris.
8.Britain voting to leave the EU – Brits go the polls in June to decide on whether the UK would be better in or out of the European Union.
9.War in the South China Sea – Tensions in the South China Sea — which centre around a group of islands claimed by China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

457 These are the 9 biggest risks facing the world

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