462 Small lifestyle changes you can make to get smarter

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Most people make a conscious effort to improve their physical health, yet few think about what they can do to help boost the health of their brain.

Just as you can eat healthily and exercise to stay fit, there are a number of simple changes you could be making every day to get your brain working faster, sharpen concentration, strengthen memory, and become more intelligent.

Business Insider spoke to the nutritional therapist Naomi Mead, who was trained and accredited at London’s Institute of Optimum Nutrition, to find out the most effective ways to improve your brain power.

I – Word Understanding
Sharpen – Improve
Conscious – Awareness (Aware)

II – Have Your Say
A. Here are her top 9 ways to keep your neurological health in check.
1. Learn a foreign language
2. Drink more water
3. Engage your brain with games and puzzles
4. Exercise regularly
5. Read more
6. Meditate
7. Learn to play a musical instrument
8. Drink green tea
9.Get a good night’s sleep
B. How about you, how’s small lifestyle changes you can make to get smarter?

462 Small lifestyle changes you can make to get smarter

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