465 The world’s going to need 50% more food by 2050

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The organization forecasts that by 2050, we’ll need 50% more food to feed the world’s population.Between now and 2050, they expect the world’s population to grow from seven billion to nine billion.
Even given our demographic outlook, which shows most developed countries will have trouble just maintaining their populations,we’re still looking at about 10 billion people before the end of the century.
But the real problem is that due to worsening climate conditions, crop yields will be cut by 25% during that same time frame.
Policymakers and scientists are attacking this issue from the crop-production angle, but it’s not as easy as just turning up the production-volume knob when we need it.

I Word Understanding
Forecasts – predict
Demographic outlook – the size of population
Worsening – increase
Climate conditions – different kinds of weather in many areas
Crop yields – is the size of cereal, grain or legume
Time frame – a period of time that is used or planned for a particular action or project
Policy makers – member of a ​government ​department, ​legislature, or other ​organization who is ​responsible for making new ​rules
Crop-production – low productivity agriculture
Production-volume – manufacture size

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The reason: massive food shortages.
1.Worsening climate change
2.Extreme Weather
3.Rising oil prices
4.Increased Soil Pollution
5.GMO Giants

The world’s 5 hungriest countries
There are over 870 million people in the world who are hungry right now.


465 The world’s going to need 50% more food by 2050

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