486 What Actually Happens to Your Hair as You Get Older

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Can stress really turn your hair grey? Do strands actually thin out with age? Should you be using Rogaine? When it comes to the topic of hair and getting older, there are as many questions as there are many urban legends. Here, once and for all, are the truths (and myths) behind your most pressing hair questions.
1. True: You lose hair as you get older.
2. False: Biotin supplement helps prevent hair loss.
3. True: Lasers can help with hair regrowth.
4. False: It is normal to develop a lot more body hair as you grow older.
5. True: Worrying can turn your hair white.
6. False: If you pluck a gray hair, two more will grow back in its place.
7. True: Putting olive oil on your hair will make it look and feel younger.

I – Word Understanding
Myth – a story believed by many people but is not true
Most pressing – very important and needs immediate attention

II – Have Your Say
1. Do you have any hair problems? Which do you think is worse, gray hair or hair loss?
2. What are some hair loss remedies that you’ve heard? Which do you think is the best?
3. White or gray hair, as they say, is a sign of aging. How would you deal with white hair, plucking or coloring?
4. How do you keep your hair healthy? Please share some of your secrets and some of the popular “hair” myths that you know.

486 What Actually Happens to Your Hair as You Get Older

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