510 Masuzoe explains political funds’ use

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After facing allegations of using official funds for private purposes, Tokyo’s governor has announced the results of a spending review.Two former public prosecutors say they have found a number of inappropriate expenses but say none of them are illegal.
Yoichi Masuzoe started his news conference Monday by bowing in apology for any trouble the situation caused.He has been battered by criticism since the allegations broke in a weekly magazine.

I Word Understanding
Allegations- accusation
Inappropriate expenses- spending government funds outside of law

II Have your say

1.Does the allegation against the Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe affect you?

2.The Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe has deep knowledge in these areas

  • Welfare
  • Health
  • Urban Development
  • Foreign Diplomatic affairs
  • Political Science
  • Japan’s literature  In 1998, he published a book entitled When I Put a Diaper on My Mother, which detailed his experience caring for his mother and the obstacles imposed by the Japanese welfare system.

3.Masuzoe, while Governor of Tokyo, is reported as having joined in general laughter.“You are the one who must get married as soon as possible” and “Can’t you even bear a child?” he said to Ayaka Shiomura.

510 Masuzoe explains political funds’ use 

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