515 Signs you can’t trust your coworkers

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In John Le Carre’s classic spy novel “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” British agent George Smiley becomes convinced that someone in his agency is a Soviet mole.

The outcome of your office gripe probably won’t determine the fate of a wide network of secret agents. You also probably can’t use Cold War spycraft to deal with potentially treacherous coworkers (probably, I don’t know your life).

Still, it’s crucial that you identify and recognize duplicitous individuals in your workplace, as they have the potential to wreak damage on your career.

I – Word Understanding

Crucial– decisive or critical
Wreak – a large amount of damage or harm

II – Have Your Say
A. Here are some clear warning signs you can’t trust your coworkers, along with some tips on how to deal with such individuals:
1. They’re envious
2. They’re dishonest
3. They gossip
4. They undermine people
5. They gossip
6. They suck up
7. They’re overly dramatic
8. They don’t care about your work-life balance

B. How to deal with your coworkers:
A. How do you deal with envious coworkers?
B. How do you deal with dishonest coworkers?
C. How do you deal with office gossips?
D. How to deal with undermining coworkers?
E. How to deal with suck ups?
F. How to deal with overly dramatic coworkers?
G. How to deal with unreasonable coworkers?

515 Signs you can’t trust your coworkers

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