177 Japan media: Euphoria over Olympics

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Japanese media are euphoric about Tokyo being chosen to host the 2020 summer Olympics.

Tokyo jubilant over successful 2020 Olympics bid” – this headline on the website of Kyodo news agency
very much sums up the mood.

Kyodo adds that “the mood in Tokyo was ecstatic early on Sunday” and “close to 2,000 people
watching a live broadcast of the IOC’s general session on a large screen at the Komazawa Olympic Park
gymnasium erupted in cheers as IOC President Jacques Rogge opened the envelope holding the results of
voting and read the city’s name”.

“Japan is back in the game big time, tourism-wise, at least, with the news that Tokyo will host the 2020
Games,” says The Asahi Shimbun.

The paper seems to be in a mood to start preparing for the games early, as it published another report
informing “Olympics visitors” about Tokyo’s sights.

“Tokyo is home to 265 museums, zoos and botanical gardens, both public and private, wherein are stored
2,371 officially designated national treasures and important cultural properties,” the paper says.

I – Word Understanding
Euphoric ? a feeling of great happiness or well-being
Jubilant – feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph
Ecstatic – expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement
Erupted ? to emerge violently

II – Have your say
1.Tokyo won by 60 votes to 36 in the final round of voting – a comprehensive victory which came despite
some IOC members expressing concern over leaks at the Fukushima nuclear plant, which is 150 miles
from the capital.
2. The impact of olympic values as never seen before in Japan, is far from it s dollar value, but its value
is measured to generation and history of Japans precious excellence, friendship and respect, and cannot be
express by any verbal description.
3.Despite Tokyo’s celebratory mood the issue between territorial discupte cannot be
neglected.We cannot deny that they are interconnected.”Japan must stop escalating conflicts and
tensions with its neighbours over territorial and historical issues,” says Seoul-based JoonAng

177 Japan media: Euphoria over Olympics

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