523 Royal visit ‘good for investment’

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Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman with Salman Amin Khan

RIYADH: Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s visit to the United States is widely seen as a “very positive” step to bolster bilateral relations and economic reforms in the Kingdom.Mohammed Alkhunaizi, a senior member of the Shoura Council, said on Monday that the visit is aimed at achieving the goals set under the NTP (National Transformation Program), which is a part of Vision 2030 being spearheaded by the Council of Economic and Development Affairs (CEDA), chaired by the deputy crown prince himself.
“The visionary leader has set off the transformation program by inviting foreign companies to invest in the Kingdom. He rightly began it from the US,” he said.
Alkhunaizi also welcomed the decision to open a college to prepare Saudi business leaders and entrepreneurs, to be based at King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh.
The Prince Mohammad bin Salman College for Management and Entrepreneurship is a partnership between the economic city, Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation (MISK),Global Babson College and Lockheed Martin Saudi Arabia, according to reports.Majed Abdullah Al-Hedayan, a senior columnist and legal consultant at the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI), said: “The royal visit reflects the strength of the relationship between the two friendly countries for political cooperation and economic growth.”

I Word Understanding
Bolster– strengthen
Spearheaded– lead
Visionary– able or likely to see visions
Transformation– change
Reflects– consider

II Have your say
1.Here’s the most significant aspect of Royal Visit
*Sustainability of Bilateral relations
*Sustainability of Economic reformation of U.S and K.S.A
*Domestic Education enhancement on Entrepreneurship and Management
*Sustainability of Diplomatic relation
*Sustainability of International Political relation

2.Sustainable ideas on Economic growth efficiency of both countries influence good recovery of  basic goods investment of  U.S investors

2.1 City-economy
Consumer purchase sustainability likely influence privilege shop owners and underprivileged shop owners.Consumers purchase focal point enhancement on both local products and U.S. products
*Provide Purchaser telephone lines for all supermarkets, groceries and shopping malls (non-expensive point)
*Frozen products segregation branded by local and U.S producers
*Fish from G.C.C (Arab Nations) or Fish from Oregon, California (U.S.A)
*Meat from Arab Nation farms or U.S.A farms
*Fruits and Vegetables (Arab Nations) or U.S.A
*Other basic consumer goods

2.3 Non-expensive or economical promotion of both U.S and G.C.C food products, farm products and aquatic products promotion.

3. Could you suggest other significant points on supporting economic growth of U.S.A and G.C.C?

523 Royal visit ‘good for investment’

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