525 Dalai Lama addresses joint session of California Legislature

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The Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama Monday addressed a joint session of the California Legislature in Sacramento where he stressed the importance of sense of community and well being of seven billion human being.
“We are social animal and the sense of community is very essential. All of us must think of well-being of the entire seven billion human beings. Time has come for us to think about global well being,” said the Dalai Lama.

The Tibetan leader added that more happiness, peace and compassion on global level will bring maximum benefit to humanity as a whole. “Different nationalities, faiths and ranks are secondary level of differences.
On the fundamental level we are all the same. We are born the same way and we die the same,” the spiritual leader said.

His Holiness stated that California with its multi-cultured society has the ‘positive potential’ to create genuine harmony.He also appreciated initiatives taken by the state on environmental issues.

I Word Understanding

Joint session-two normally separate decision-making groups meet together, often in a special session or other extraordinary meeting, for a specific purpose
Legislature – the legislative body of a country or state
Social animal – Human beings are social animals. Human lives depend on other humans because of poverty and greediness.

II Have your say

1.Reasons why humans become social animals (non-civilized belief)
*Poverty motivated women to become strumpet
*Ambition influenced men to transform their gender from men to women
*Seeking for constant happiness drive people to use ecstasy pills and other kinds of party drugs
* Fear of loosing life security prompt people to engage in graft and corruption
*High debt excite people to steal both technology invention and business contract

2. Kinds of social animals
*Drug workers
*Thieves of technology ideas
*Influence riders

3.Countries are affected by social-animalism belief and its effect

Russia             Homosexual,HIV outbreak, meddling, influence riding, thieves of knowledge
Philippines        Transgenders, HIV infection, meddling, influence riding, thieves of knowledge
Netherlands      Party drugs production, meddling, influence riding
Turkey             Party drugs production,meddling, influence riding
Afghanistan      Graft and Corruption, homosexuality, meddling
China              Homosexual, drug production, identity theft, technology theft  
Taiwan             Homosexual, drug production, technology theft,meddling,
South Korea     Money laundering,technology theft, meddling, influence riding
Iran               Homosexual, technology theft, drug production, meddling, influence riding
U.K.               Homosexual, transgenders, drug production, meddling, influence riding
France             Homosexual, transgenders, graft and corruption, meddling, influence riding
India              Sexual assault
Japan              High debt, technology theft, meddling, influence riding, thieves of knowledge
Greece            High debt, drug production
Brunei             Homosexual, strumpet, meddling, influence riding
Malaysia           Strumpet, drug producers, influence riding
Thailand          Transgenders and HIV
Spain Corruption, Homosexual, HIV, meddling
Romania Meddling, HIV, influence riding, drug production

4.There are still countries that are free from social animalism notion and influence riding.

List of highly-civilized countries
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
G.C.C members (United Arab Emirates,Bharain,Oman, Qatar,Kuwait)
North Korea

5.United States of America has seen the severe impact of homosexuality and transgenderism on people’s lives, governance,professional lives,education and financial life.

525 Dalai Lama addresses joint session of California Legislature

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