532 Early retirement might be in your future

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Think you can continue to work as you age? The answer may depend on your profession.

People in so-called blue-collar occupations are significantly more likely to retire early than those with office jobs that require less physical strength.

That reality informs debates over how to shore up finances of the Social Security system. Some experts argue that raising the retirement age would save money, yet critics counter that it would hurt lower-income workers more than higher-income employees who are better able to afford to wait to collect benefits.

Maybe so. However, a recent study from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College found a more nuanced reality:
A surprising number of office jobs also requires skills that are highly susceptible to age-related decline. The researchers’ ranking of different jobs’ susceptibility was a loose predictor of when people were likely to retire early.
1 Word Understanding

Physical Strength– is the measure of an animal’s exert of ability on physical objects.
Increasing physical strength is the goal of strength training.
Susceptible– likely or liable to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing
Predictor- a person or thing that predicts

II Have your say
1. What is the age of early retirement of your country? What likely are the reasons why they retire early?
2. Early retirement by gender and country

Women are much more likely than men to retire early because of work family pressures

Wome retired earlier than men because of extended family system. Women needed to look after the elderly.

Women health became poorer than men due to weather condition and short day lights.

1.1 How about the early retirement issues of your country?
3.List of countries that have the highest rate of early retirment

1. 45 years old- Turkey
2.57 years old- Greece

4. List of sectors that have highest rate of retirement
a. Health care institution
b. Educational institution
c.Engineering sectors
d. Pilots and air stewardess
e. Ship captains
f. Military sectors

532 Early retirement might be in your future

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