538 (County:Vietnam) VN protests Taiwan’s violation of Trường Sa

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HÀ NỘI — Visits by a number of Taiwanese officials to the Ba Bình (Itu Aba) feature area have seriously violated Việt Nam’s
sovereignty over the Trường Sa (Spratly) archipelago, stated Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lê Hải Bình yesterday.

Responding to a reporter’s question on Việt Nam’s stance on the Taiwanese officials’ visits, the diplomat stressed that Việt Nam resolutely protests the visits and demands Taiwan not to repeat them and contribute to maintaining peace and stability in the East Sea.
“Việt Nam asserts its indisputable sovereignty over Hàng Sa (Paracel) and Trường Sa archipelagoes.All activities carried out by foreign sides in these areas without Việt Nam’s permission are illegal,” stated the spokesperson.

I Word Understanding

Resolutely– with great effort or determination
Indisputable– unquestionable
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1.List of Countries connected to Itu Aba

1. Taiwan
2. Japan
3. Philippines
5. Brunei
6. Malaysia
7. Netherland
10. UK
12. Turkey
16. Mexico
23.South Korea

2.Why Itu Aba have impact on conflict in Asia?

1.Itu Aba has been a strategic island for drug transport in Asia
2. Itu Aba became the drug laboratories of party pill drugs
3. Itu Aba became island of sin and adultery for those countries
4. Itu Aba became the key island for products and auto parts smuggling
5. Itu Aba became the hacking control center in Asia
6. Itu Aba became the illegal fake money printing center in Asia
7.Itu Aba became the animal poisonous genes laboratories like Zika mosquitoes
8.Itu Aba became the pharmaceutical drug-development laboratory in Asia
9.Itu Aba became the island have for syndicate-group in Asia
10.Itu Aba became the safe-island of Daesh and ISIL terrorists in Asia

538 (County:Vietnam) VN protests Taiwan’s violation of Trường Sa

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