544 How I Ended My Toxic Relationship with Stress

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I used to thrive on stress—I truly believed it gave me energy and excitement. But my company,EXHALE, is centered around the belief that relaxation is essential to wellbeing. And eventually, I realized that I wasn’t living my life in line with the values that the brand really embodied.
So I made it a point to do something devoted to relaxing and recharging every day. I took a course in mental resilience, I practiced yoga, I took more of the fitness classes at exhale. I became more present, more mindful, more relaxed—and so much more self-aware. And the funny thing is that I’m just as energetic, driven and passionate as I was when I used stress to motivate me. I’m just less off-balance and less emotional now—and I sleep better, too.
I now view relaxation practices as something just as vital to my day as work, exercise and nutrition. It fuels and protects me. It has evolved from a notion that I know is good for me to something that I actively look forward to because it benefits me physically and mentally.
But to get to this point, I had to “learn” to relax.

I – Word Understanding
Thrive – to do well
EXHALE – a fitness and healing spa company
Mental resilience – being able to adjust well and recover from a stressful situation

II – Have Your Say
How do you recover from a stressful situation?
Here are some ways recommended to attain relaxation when you feel high levels of stress:

1.Move: Go do something—anything physical.
2.Breathe: Inhale for five counts, then exhale for five counts. Do it again. Again. And again.
3.Smile and think about how things might look differently tomorrow.
4.Touch: visit an acupuncturist or get a massage

544 How I Ended My Toxic Relationship with Stress

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