547 Outdoor learning ‘boosts children’s development’

Speech Materals


Childhoods were dramatically changing, with fewer opportunities to spend time outdoors, researchers observed.

The loss of exposure to the natural environment would have negative long-term consequences, they warned.

Establishing an “outdoor learning hub” would help teachers, and help shape policies and strategy, they suggested.

The report highlighted previous studies that showed that busier family lives, combined with an increased sense of fear in society, children were having fewer opportunities to explore their surrounding natural environment.

This was hampering children’s social skills as well as risking stifling their long-term physical, emotional development and wellbeing. Therefore, it was important that schools did not overlook the opportunities that outdoor learning provided to bridge this gap.

I – Word Understanding

Hub – center of activity
Hampering – delaying or slowing down
Stifling – stopping or not allowing

II -Have Your Say

1.In your own observation, what are the reasons why children in your area have less chances of exploring the outdoors?

2.What outdoor activities would you recommend for children to enjoy in the following places? What would they learn from those activities?
– The forest
– Local park
– Backyard
– Inside the house

547 Outdoor learning ‘boosts children’s development’

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