550 Website Introducing “sento” Public Baths Gains Traction

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A website providing information about “sento” public bathhouses mainly in the
Tokyo metropolitan area is proving popular despite the decline in such communal
baths, a major part of Japanese culture.

Tokyo Sento, launched in 2015, now attracts about 100,000 views a month,
mainly from people aged 25-34, according to the site’s operator, and gets comments on its social network services — Facebook and Twitter — from people saying visiting a public bath has become something they now want to do.

Shotaro Hino, 32, president of the website’s operator, was always a fan of public bathhouses and frequented one close to his home in Tokyo.

I – Word Understanding
Traction – progress

II – Have Your Say
1.What is a Sento? Why do people go to a sento?
2.Please explain the procedures and manners to be observed in sento.
3.Can you name some of the popular sentos in your area or around Japan? What
4.make these sentos popular?

550 Website Introducing “sento” Public Baths Gains Traction

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