553 Workplace Essentials For Better Health: 8 Things You Need

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Chances are you spend most of your day at a desk job. While you avoid certain health hazards by not working in manual labor, sitting in front of a computer screen for at least eight hours a day isn’t exactly a healthy alternative. Whether you work from home or sit behind a desk, here are ways to make your office a better place for your health and well-being.
1. Clear the air.
2. Try a standing desk.
3. Keep a water jug at your desk.
4. Place your desk near the window.
5. Use aromatherapy.
6. Only keep healthy options at your desk.
7. Take walks during your breaks.
8. Add a plant.

I -Word Understanding
Desk job – a job done mainly at a desk (e.g. office job)
Manual labor – a physical work that involves use of hands.

II – Have Your Say
1. Do you consider your work environment healthy?
2. Did you know that air fresheners and cleaning products are pollutants? What air pollutants do you think are in your office?
3. Aside from a standing desk, an exercise ball used as a chair is also a healthier option. How willing are you to try this?
4. Water can improve skin, prevent headache and suppress your appetite. What is your preferred drink when working?
5. Working with natural light keeps you energized and could get you better sleep. Is your desk next to a window?
6. Air fresheners and candles release chemicals. Essential oils smell much better and have health benefits. Do you know some benefits of aromatherapy?
7. Sedentary lifestyle or sitting (or not moving) for long hours is a great risk for health. How do you find time to move around every now and then?
8. Do you like plants? What plants do you have?

553 Workplace Essentials For Better Health: 8 Things You Need

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