572 6 Strange Effects Of Stress Including Vivid Dreams, Hair Loss, Gallows Humor

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An insatiable appetite, profuse sweating, a racing heart and high blood pressure — these are just a few of the well-known physical manifestations of stress in our everyday lives. Beyond those obvious symptoms, however, lie much stranger things.
1. Gallows humor
2. Hair Loss
3. Vivid or Bad Dreams
4. Diarrhea
5. Skin Irritations
6. Muffled Hearing or Tunneled Vision

I – Word Understanding
Insatiable appetite – appetite that cannot be satisfied
Profuse sweating – too much sweating

II – Have Your Say
Let’s take a close look at the 6 strange effects of stress. Share your experience and/or knowledge about the following:
1. Gallows Humor: Sometimes when we get stressed, we make jokes about terrible things, like disease or other life-threatening situations. It’s called gallows humor, and it may not be a bad thing — as the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine.
2. Hair Loss: There are actually three different ways stress can contribute to hair loss, according to the Mayo Clinic: hair fall, alopecia and manual hair pulling.
3. Vivid or Bad Dreams: Stress creeps into our beds with us at night. Dr. Oz notes that the most common stress dreams involve missing a bus, having a car stolen, being hit by a tidal wave, getting lost and experiencing a house fire.
4. Diarrhea: A nervous or upset stomach is common for people with anxiety. In addition stress can trigger Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
5. Skin Irritations: Stress or tension can cause a rash or hives to develop, sometimes coming with itchiness or a stinging sensation.
6. Muffled Hearing or Tunnel Vision: The New York State Office of Mental Health lists both muffled hearing and tunnel vision as common reactions to stress. There

572 6 Strange Effects Of Stress Including Vivid Dreams, Hair Loss, Gallows Humor

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