577 University opens without any teachers

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A university without any teachers has opened in California this month.
It’s called 42

The US college, a branch of an institution in France with the same name, will train about a thousand students a year in coding and software development by getting them to help each other with projects, then mark one another’s work.

This might seem like the blind leading the blind – and it’s hard to imagine parents at an open day being impressed by a university offering zero contact hours.

But since 42 started in Paris in 2013, applications have been hugely oversubscribed.

I – Word Understanding
Coding – writing codes for a computer program
Blind leading the blind – (situation) both the leader and the follower have no knowledge about the thing they are going to do

II – Have Your Say
Here are some features of the university without teachers. Please share your opinion and let’s compare it with traditional universities.
1. No teachers – “Peer-to-peer learning develops students with the confidence to search for solutions by themselves, often in quite creative and ingenious ways.” Traditional education system, encourages students to be passive recipients of knowledge.
2. Facebook is to communication, 42 is to education – in this university, there are no tuition fees and accommodation is free
3. Career – Recent graduates are now working at companies including IBM, Amazon, and Tesla, as well as starting their own firms.

577 University opens without any teachers

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