579 Mountains or beaches? What your choice says about you

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Given the option of spending time on a beach or in the mountains, which would you choose? Researchers have determined that your preference is related to how outgoing you are.

In a series of five experiments, psychologists at the University of Virginia found that introverts generally prefer mountainous areas, whereas extroverts opt for beaches.

The theory behind the preference is that extroverts like flatter areas where they can spot new people easily and connect, while introverts are always looking for places to cozy up in and hide away. (Though I would argue hidden beaches are a great place to get away from it all.) Ultimately, of course, this information isn’t prescriptive — anyone who has been to a super-social ski mountain town in the winter knows that stereotypes related to landscapes are just that. But it’s fascinating that a question as simple as “beach or mountain” can be a great predictor of personality — more so than any of the other Big 5 personality traits.

I – Word Understanding
Prescriptive – stating what should happen
Stereotype – a commonly-held view (or judgement) about a particular group of people

II – Have Your Say
1. Would you rather spend your time at the mountain or the beach? Please explain your preference.
2. Common knowledge dictates that introverts are quieter and tend to feel more energized from spending time alone, while extroverts are louder and gain reinforcement and energy from being with others.Would you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?
3. What are the common notions/impressions that you know about introverts and extroverts?

579 Mountains or beaches? What your choice says about you

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