589 Your Phone Can Now Instantly Translate Japanese Text

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Menu and prices hanging out from a Yakitori Bar in Ginza neighborhood, Tokyo, Japan.

Learning a new language is hard. And if there’s a new alphabet involved—like there is with Japanese for English-speaking travelers—it’s even harder.

But technology is here to help. Google announced on Thursday a new translation feature that will make it easier for travelers who don’t speak the language to go on a trip to a Japanese-speaking destination.

Google Word Lens—a service available through Google Translate on Android and iOS devices—allows you to point your phone’s camera at text, and it’ll show the translation on the screen in real time.

I – Word Understanding
Destination – a place to go

II – Have Your Say
1. In what way Google Word Lens can help non-Japanese tourists? Do you think it will be effective for a long time?
2. What signs, symbols &/ basic messages should tourists need to master while in Japan? How about words and expressions?
3. What would you advise/recommend to non-Japanese speaker tourists so that they can maximize their stay in Japan?

589 Your Phone Can Now Instantly Translate Japanese Text

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