591 10 foods you should never, ever eat

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In a world of constant admonitions to eat this and not that, it’s hard to know what we’re supposed to be putting into our mouths. Science flip-flops, experts disagree and food companies get creative with spin — leaving even the best intentioned among us scratching our heads. What to eat?

One way to tackle the problem is by narrowing down the no-no list to the foods that rank as the worst in specific areas. With that in mind, here are our contenders for foods that you might want to kick to the curb if you share the related health concern.

I – Word Understanding
Admonitions – warnings
Flip-flops – a sudden reversal of belief, policy, attitude, etc

II – Have Your Say
Here are 10 commonly consumed comestible (food) that you might want to skip:
1. If you value healthy cholesterol levels, never eat stick margarine.
2. If you think artificial sweeteners are helping you lose weight, you’re wrong.
3. If you like a calm hormone system, never eat canned coconut milk, soup and vegetables
4. Never eat kids’ cereal if you’re watching your sugar intake.
5. Never eat soybeans and soybean products if you’re concerned about genetically modified food.
6. Never eat tilefish, shark, swordfish and king mackerel if you’re worried about mercury.
7. Never eat “industrial” hamburgers if you like clean food.
8. Never drink soda if you don’t want diabetes.
9. Never eat certain apples if you’re worried about pesticides.
10. Never eat processed meat if you want to avoid … premature death!

591 10 foods you should never, ever eat

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