614 Travel without a suitcase with 13 packing tips from a Japanese pro

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Seasoned travelers know how to make efficient use of their suitcase space, but it takes a real pro to travel without a suitcase at all.

When getting ready to travel abroad, packing is always a hassle. Even for just a four-day trip, the things we need to bring seem to fill a suitcase to overflowing. Additionally, the recent spread of LCCs (Low Cost Carriers) has made affordable weekend travel a possibility, but luggage must be kept as light as possible.

I – Word Understanding

Seasoned – having a lot of experience

II – Have Your Say
Want to know how to pare down your travel gear? Taiwan-based writer and blogger Kazuhiro Maehara has graciously agreed to let us translate his tips for getting everything you need into one small shoulder bag.
1. Buy socks that can be tightly rolled up
2. Use vacuum bags
3. Use compression clothes in cold weather
4. Put your toiletries in smaller containers
5. Get the new film-type toiletries
6. Take multi-purpose items
7. Check what’s available at your destination
8. Take a SIM free smartphone you can use overseas
9. Get a “phablet” to combine the functions of a tablet and smartphone
10. Digitize what can be digitized
11. Learn from your senpais (e.g. LIFEPACKING by Tsuyoshi Takashiro)
12. Use a checklist
13. Keep traveling

614 Travel without a suitcase with 13 packing tips from a Japanese pro

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